What made Timbuktu an expert trading center?

700 years ago, Timbuktu was an expert trading center because it was geographically convenient, had resources that other places wanted and needed, and it was accessible from all directions with a river for transportation nearby.

  • Timbuktu had a useful location for trading because north of timbuktu there lies a desert, yet south of the city there is a river, providing simple transportation for goods and people.
  • Timbuktu is an easy spot to pass through because of its location.
  • Salt was a significant good in trade, yet not a lot of places had it, but Timbuktu did, giving the upper hand.

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How does mobile technology affect the health, economy, communication, and education of Sub-Saharan Africans?

Research Question: How does mobile technology affect the health, economy, communication, and education of Sub-Saharan Africans?

Thesis: Mobile technology can transform the lives of Africans for the better by improving economy by educating people about gender equality, teaching language, etc., it makes communication much easier, and it can keep health records and give health reminders like for vaccinations.

Topic Sentence #1: The economy can be improved by mobile technology and improve the lives of Africans.

Topic Sentence #2: Mobile technology makes communicating much easier and efficient for everyone.

Topic Sentence #3: Mobile broadband improves the health of the community and can even save lives.

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How Has Green Energy Affected The Lives Of Africans?

Research Question: How has green energy affected the lives of Africans?

Thesis: Green Energy is a good option for the people living in rural locations because it’s affordable, it’s easy to produce and as a result governments are trying to improve renewable energy laws.

Topic sentence 1: Green Energy is often the most affordable option.

Topic sentence 2: Green Energy is easy to produce in many different ways.

Topic sentence 3: The government have been working on ways to try and improve the renewable energy laws.

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How did HIV/AIDS become so widespread?

HIV/AIDS has become so widespread in Africa because the medicine used to combat it is often hard to get, people usually don’t know they have it, and because they can’t afford basic necessities so they resort to prostitution so they can survive.

Topic Sentence #1:

The medicine that treats HIV/AIDS is hard to access, if you do have access it usually costs too much for most people, and it only works if you use it every day.

Topic Sentence #2:

A lot of people don’t know they have HIV/AIDS because of a few reasons: they haven’t taken a blood test, they think it’s a very bad flu, or they are worried about having the disease.

Topic Sentence #3:

Many people in sub Saharan Africa are poor so they resort to prostitution to get money for themselves and their children.

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