How is Al-Shabab Affecting the Lives of Somalis?

Al-Shabab is taking away lots of the resources that people in Somalia need like, food, water and medical supplies. The Al- Shabab soldiers also have been know to bomb and attack popular places, forcing Somalis to live in fear every day. They also take children from their families and make them fight in war.

Somalia is in the horn of Africa, bordering Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya. The main religion there is Islam and they have a population of 14.74 million. The main languages spoken in Somalia are Somali, Arabic, Italian, and English. There was a bit of tension building up between Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and Ethiopian military forces that were in Somalia to support it. This caused the Overthrow of Siad Barre and affected Somalis in a lot of ways in January of 1991.

The civil and Al-Shabab war forced Somalis to live without the essentials that everyone needs.

In Somalia the people cannot always get food, clean water, or electricity. The World Food Programme (WFP) have tried to get food to the people of Somalia but it is taken away by the Al-Shabab. Al-Shabab have banned any humanitarian aid to the starving somalis. If any Non government organization (NGOs) tries to help the people is Somalia that have been injured or starving will be forced to leave.

Some Somalis live in fear from Al-Shabab because they have been know to bomb places all around eastern Africa.

As well as bomb families are scared about their children being taken and forced to serve as part of Al-Shabab. Al-Shabab has a lot of military power over somalis and can basically can do whatever they want. The Al-Shabab have push many Somalis out of their homes and they have moved to many different countries mainly the U.S.A, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Overall there are a lot of Somalis that are affected by the control of Al-Shabab.

Child soldiers have been a big problem in Somalia for a long time.

They get snatched up by the Al-Shabaab soldiers and forced to fight in a war they know nothing about. It is astonishing that nearly seventy percent of the Al-Shabaab soldiers are under eighteen years old. Once the children have joined the clan there are parts that they can’t leave. There are some rehab options that the kids can try once they get out.

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