Why is Malaria so much more common in Africa than in other places?

Malaria is so much more common in Africa than in other places around the world because (1) the anopheles gambiae mosquito is most widespread in Africa, (2) the mosquito is hard to control because Africa doesn’t have the proper medications or environment, (3) and finally most people can’t afford the drugs and hospital visits to cure malaria in Africa.  

  • The first reason why Malaria is most common in Africa is because the anopheles gambiae mosquito  is most widespread in Africa. (1) Firstly, in 2004, 6.5 million of Burundi’s population was diagnosed with malaria.  (2) Another piece of evidence is that in ethiopia, 15 million cases were analyzed, and that was 3x more than the years previous.  (3) Lastly, 90% of the 300-500 million malaria cases were diagnosed in Africa.
  • Another reason malaria is more common in Africa is because Africa does not have the proper medications or environment to fight the disease.  (1) In the USA, malaria is under control because of the excellent health care, so the mosquito is much less frequent. (2) Secondly, in the 1950s the US government carried out a plan to remove all of the infected mosquitos and eggs with pesticides. (3) Finally, this type of mosquito loves warm places and the hot and muggy climate of Africa is perfect for the anopheles gambiae to thrive.  
  • The last reason why malaria is so common in Africa is because most people living in Africa can’t afford the hospital visits and drugs that go into curing malaria.  (1) The first piece of evidence being that some medications cost up to $200 per prescription and were typically ineffective. (2) Adding to that if the government were to fund the medication for all the people in Africa suffering from malaria it would cost up to 1 billion dollars.  (3) Finally, the government can only afford to spend $6 a year per person for all of their needs meaning most people in Africa wouldn’t get care for malaria anyway.

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