How did the Yoruba express themselves and their culture through art, and in what ways?

Thesis: The Yoruba express their culture through art. They express their art creatively and imaginatively through the different clothing they wore, verbal art, dancing, music, pottery, calabashes, and wood carvings. Those are some examples of how the Yoruba used art in the their culture.

Topic Sentance 1: One of the ways the Yoruba expressed themselves through art is making wood carvings, pottery, gourds and calabashes.

Topic Sentance 2: Another way the Yoruba expressed themselves through art is verbal art, music, and dancing. Yoruba verbal arts include praise names, praise poems, tongue twisters, hundreds of prose narratives, myths about the deities and legends about the past kings and war heroes are grouped together in a single category both are considered to be factual accounts of past events, in contrast to folk tales which are recognized as fiction.

Topic Sentance 3: The Yoruba also express their art through their clothing, how they died there clothing, and how they made there clothing.

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