Who were some of the people who helped end the Apartheid laws?

Research Question: Who were some of the people who helped end the Apartheid laws?  What were some of the ways they helped?

Thesis: F.W. De Klerk and Nelson Mandela were influential in ending Apartheid because of (1)Mandela’s activism,(2) De Klerk’s political power, and (3) their work together.

  • Topic Sentence #1: Nelson Mandela was a political activist and felt very strongly about his work but that led him to jail.
  • Topic Sentence #2: F.W. De Klerk was the last white president of South Africa, which gave him lots of power to do some very important things.
  • Topic Sentence #3:Together these two men ended Apartheid and then continued to work with each other to help the South African government become better.

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