How was the Empire of Ghana influential in Central and Northern Africa?

Research Question: How was the Empire of Ghana influential in Central and Northern Africa?

Thesis: The reason the Empire of Ghana was so influential in central and parts of northern Africa was because they controlled several trade routes, they owned a lot of iron mines, plus Ghana also had a enormous amount of gold as well as iron.

  • Topic Sentence #1: One way the Empire of Ghana stayed in control was by obtaining several trading routes in parts of northern and central Africa.
  • Topic Sentence #2: The Empire also had a bunch of iron from all the iron mines they obtained over the years which they used to make their weapons and built important structures, such as house or meeting places.
  • Topic Sentence #3: The Empire of Ghana had multiple ways of providing themselves with piles of gold, whether if it was from traders that would travel to Ghana to trade within it, or if it came from nearby rivers like the Niger River.

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5 thoughts on “How was the Empire of Ghana influential in Central and Northern Africa?

  1. Jonah X. Hanson says:

    Good job, the camels in the desert really stood out to me and I liked the iron picture. Does Ghana still have gold today? Next time I go to Ghana I will look back on the country’s rich history.

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  2. Noah says:

    Hi Abdi! I am Noah Rich, a seventh grader at Berwick Academy. I really like your blog and video! Your blog looks good but I think that you should move the works sited down a little more and bold the heading. You don’t need “The reason” at the front of the thesis, just start the sentence at “The Empire of Ghana”. On topic sentence 2 you say “a bunch of iron”. Do you know how much? From my point of view, you certainly did lots of research.

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  3. Lindsay Sidore says:

    Your writing was structured and well written! This is such an interesting topic and your pronunciation in the video was great, however you could’ve used a little more emotion when speaking. Overall this was a very solid post with only a few small things that could be changed.

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  4. Nate Weinstein says:

    One thing that stood out to me is that Africa is spelled with a k. I don’t know if that was by accident or on purpose, but I just wanted to point it out. I like all the information on all the trading of salt and gold. I would like to know more about the weapons that were made out of the iron that was traded/mined. Was the Empire of Ghana the most powerful in the region like the Romans were in the Middle East?

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  5. Kate says:

    You had great information and you presented it well. One thing you could improve on is the images sometimes they will come out of the screen. Other than that, I thought you did a good job!


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