Why is child labor happening and what can be done to stop it?

Research Question: Why is child labor happening and what can be done to stop it.

Thesis: The use of child labor in Africa exposes children to unsafe working conditions and deprives them of access to an education, so governments should take action by creating more schools and acting laws against child labor.

  • Topic Sentence #1: Three quarters of Africas child labors are working in very hazardous jobs.
  • Topic Sentence #2: Because the child labors spend so many hours working, they are denied an education.
  • Topic Sentence #3: Governments and other are trying to help by outlawing child labors and making more schools for kids to go to.

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  1. Hannah Park says:

    I appreciated the clear, relative photos and the format of the video, like having the words on the bottom of the pictures. I suggest lowering the music a little so we can hear your voice clearer. “Africans in child labor work in hazardous jobs.” I like how you added examples after this comment. Overall, good job! I would like to know more about how the adults think about their children in labor.

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  2. Lucy Manley says:

    I think this is great! I really like the video and how it was put together! I think that in the video you may not want to say your thesis and topic sentences, just because instead you could say other information rather than repeating it. I loved the music in the video! Overall it was great! Awesome job.

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  3. Hannah N says:

    I liked how your video was formatted. The pictures you picked really caught my eye. They music was fitting for you video, but I suggest that you should lower the volume of it because sometimes it over powered your voice. It also would’ve been cool if you talked more about why you picked to do Child Labor in Africa. Great job!


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