What were the Xhosa people famous for?

Research Question: What were the Xhosa people famous for?

Thesis: The Xhosa were mostly known for a thing called the Cattle Kill, the Cattle Kill was were there was a little girl who had a vision that if they killed off all their crops and cattle that they would be free and get their land back, but that wasn’t true and it lead to starvation and around 40,000 people died and the survivors were forced to flee and become slaves.

  • Topic Sentence #1: They had to kill everything. Like crops. And cattle.
  • Topic Sentence #2: The girl’s vision wasn’t real. It lead to starvation. And death.
  • Topic Sentence #3: There were some survivors. But they were forced to flee. And work for white people.

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2 thoughts on “What were the Xhosa people famous for?

  1. Morgan E. says:

    Your voice was clear and I didn’t hear back round noise. But your voices volume was different and that really stood out to me, but otherwise I think you video is great, good pictures, and a great choice of music.


  2. Niklas C says:

    I really enjoyed the images and transitions in your video. I would suggest making the music a bit quieter though because it made you hard to understand.


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