How did Kush’s relation with Egypt affect them?

Research Question: How did Kush’s relation with Egypt affect them?

Thesis: Kush’s relationship with Egypt affected them by taxing their trade, forcing them to move their capital city, and influencing, their religion, language, and culture.

  • Topic Sentence #1:Egypt controlled Kush’s trade by taxing and controlling them.
  • Topic Sentence #2:
  • Their relationship with Egypt affected the placement of their capital city.
    Topic Sentence #3:During their clashes with Egypt their culture, religion, and language mixed together.

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    It was very professional except the microphone was a bit shaky, but still it was very professional with the facts. The facts were very on point and there was never any hesitation in stating any facts. I appreciate how you took the time to explain the small details, those really helped. I found all of this very interesting. especially the parts with the old Gods of Egypt and the hieroglyphics.

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    I like that you included music in your presentation, though it distracted me I learned to like it. I thought that it was interesting that Cush was famous for their archaeological sites they left behind. Your facts were very interesting and I would say that you could act a little more happy with your voice! Great Job!

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    All the pictures you picked were very eye-catching and went along very well with your facts. I liked how you took your time with your facts. The whole video was very need and professional. The only thing was that the music distracted me away from listening to you and made it difficult to hear you at some points. I really liked how you started the whole thing with “The kingdom of Kush.” Great job!

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