How does Breaking Ground empower Cameroonians?

Research Question: How does Breaking Ground empower Cameroonians?

Thesis: Breaking Ground has a unique and innovative approach to empowering Cameroonians, which includes partnering with local communities, supporting female entrepreneurs, and using soccer to reach at-risk youth.

Topic Sentence #1: Breaking Ground’s community partnerships program (1) provides grants to local communities who are mobilized to make positive change, (2) honors local innovation, knowledge, and expertise, and (3) achieves sustainable solutions by putting power in the hands of the people who care most — the community members.

Topic Sentence #2: Helping women start their own businesses is the best way to promote community development because (1) women are typically responsible business owners, (2) use their business income to invest in their families, and (3) can achieve great overall equality through the success of their businesses.

Topic Sentence #3: Breaking Ground’s soccer program empowers Cameroonians by (1) bringing together diverse groups of girls and young women, (2) providing them with a safe and supportive place to share their experiences, and (3) helping them overcome social and cultural obstacles.

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